ATTENTION: It is important to maintain your vehicle to help avoid problems such as death wobble, vibrations, bump steer, etc. With every oil change, maintenance, or at every 3,000 miles, tighten your Pitman arm, Suspension (all the colored parts) and rotate your tires.

About MOAB Industries

IMG_0993We strive to turn out a product that is safe and reliable for the off-road enthusiast, but for the consumer with a family as well. Every part, nut, and bolt is triple checked and tightened ensuring the end user a peace of mind and sound investment that is hard to find in the off-road, aftermarket arena.


Our company is purely a passion driven company. Born from traits such as: attention to detail, integrity, and duty, we constantly strive to make each unit resemble such qualities. In doing this, Moab Industries™ has become more than an off-road, aftermarket conversion company; it has become a lifestyle, an attitude and a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Saying such, as each conversion is triple checked and tested before delivery, it is imperative that the end user of these conversions takes to heart the old adage of “To whom much is given, much is required.” Every aftermarket company, whether it is wheels, suspensions, etc., will put notice with their product to have it re-torqued after installation. The reason for this is with drive time and usage, new metal will not always meld with old metal products right away, causing looseness of installed parts. Therefore, it is essential to tighten all your colored suspension parts (including the pitman arm) and rotate your tires to maintain the best possible ride, drive, and safety level possible. The proper rotation period and re-torqueing schedule is with every oil change ( 3000 miles ).

Moab Industries™ is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Chrysler Group, LLC.

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Moab Industries

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Phone: 928.713.6244