ATTENTION: It is important to maintain your vehicle to help avoid problems such as death wobble, vibrations, bump steer, etc. With every oil change, maintenance, or at every 3,000 miles, tighten your Pitman arm, Suspension (all the colored parts) and rotate your tires.


What sets us apart from everyone else?

First and Foremost, a Moab Conversion is safe and complete.  We go the extra mile, spend the extra time and money to make every conversion the safest and most reliable that it can be. We accumulate what we believe to be the best suspension parts from different companies that have been immersed in the off-road industry since it began.

We do not use the cheapest parts on the market, but we buy the safest parts and products that compliment our build design.  Our “Soft Ride” Technology is due to great companies such as: Tein©, Daystar®. KC, Arden, Motive, g2, Spicer, Tom Woods, Dunlop, BFG, Rough Country, Pro-Comp, Du-pont, RM, Glassurit, Method

Our flagship effort and priority conversions is the Wrangler vehicle line made by Jeep, of which we mostly build the Unlimited. Our second priority is the Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel; also a product of Chrysler Group LLC, Upon request we will build and brand ANY vehicle requested to ANY extent.  We build every vehicle, be it primary or secondary, thorough and complete; priced at wholesale levels in order to provide an end product that is safe and profitable to the dealer without gouging the end-user.

It is a common misconception that our builds are about looks instead of off-road capabilities. Though our main clients are dealer inventory, we also build custom rock crawling conversions for those that are less budget conscious. Mind you, our Stage 3 builds have been proven on the Rubicon trail (everything short of the Slues’, in order to keep our flares) and tested in Moab Utah. Simply put, we build the highest quality branded conversions on the market for the novice with a larger than normal budget, this does not mean that we have any limitation to build a completely custom rock crawler, as we have converted Wranglers; produced by Chrysler Group, LLC., with a price tag upwards of $70,000 (which isn’t hard to do).

A Moab Conversion is always built with integrity. We take pride in our brand. Each decal is specifically made for that conversion by hand. Every frame, wheel well, and undercarriage is detailed to look like new.

Contact information

Moab Industries

2111 Gulfstream, Prescott Az 86301

Phone: 928.713.6244