ATTENTION: It is important to maintain your vehicle to help avoid problems such as death wobble, vibrations, bump steer, etc. With every oil change, maintenance, or at every 3,000 miles, tighten your Pitman arm, Suspension (all the colored parts) and rotate your tires.

Christopher Lucie

“My name is Christopher Lucie I’m 24, i live in southern California, and this is my testimony. All day i work at auction sites washing and driving cars. I drive exotics, muscles, and all other sorts of cars. So one day as i make my way down a line of 200 cars i spot this beautiful jeep wrangler unlimited, but this was no ordinary jeep like i see everyday.

This jeep was absolutely beautiful! Automatically without thinking about how this could affect my job, i went to check it out. It was white and lifted and jaw dropping. From the light bars to the lift kit and those KC’s. I was in awe. As i was washing it i couldn’t help but dream to drive it.

– Kim N., Roswell, NM

My name is Kim.  I am (45) years old.

Location: Roswell NM.

I am employed by the city of Roswell as a Detective in the criminal investigation division.

I have been a Police Officer for Thirteen years.

My Jeep: 2009 Red, Wrangler, four door, soft top.

“On 11-08-2011, I purchased a 2009 Jeep Wrangler (MOAB) from a local dealership.  I saw it Saturday morning and drove it off the lot that evening.  I must admit it was love at first sight.  A short time after making the purchase, I started noticing a wobble in the front end.  This only occurred between 30 and 35 miles per hour, when you hit a bump just right.  Once it started you had to hit the brake to slow it down to make it stop.

Contact information

Moab Industries

2111 Gulfstream, Prescott Az 86301

Phone: 928.713.6244