Moab Stage II – IV

Stage II

A Moab Stage II Conversion is mainly for branding purposes. No Aftermarket bumpers or off-road lights, just a quality, Color-Coded 8″ or 6″ Short-Arm Suspensions, Wheels & Tires, Decals, and Color-Coded Flares. A Color-Coded Hardtop is optional.

Stage III

A Moab Stage III Conversion is where we start our more comprehensive off-road package. Along with a Color-Coded 8″ Eight-Link Extreme Short Arm Suspension, Wheels & Tires, Decals and Color-Coded Flares & Hardtop, We include a Mid-Length Steel Front Bumper, 9,500LB Winch on a recessed winch plate, and a 12″ LED Light Bar. Rear Swing-Away w/ Roto-Pax is optional.

Stage IV

A Moab Stage IV conversion is, by far, the most popular of all our conversion packages. In addition to our Stage III conversions, we add a set of 6″, 100Watt halogen KC Off-Road Lights, and a hood mounted, color-coded Hi-Lift Jack. The Rear Swing-Away w/ Roto-Pax comes standard; Now you have the option to upgrade your 35″ Tires to 37″ Tires, as well as the option to upgrade your Color-Coded Flares to our Color-Coded Rock Krawler Flares.

Stage V

A Moab Stage V Conversion is our flagship package. This Full-Tilt build comes standard with a 8″ Eight-Link Extreme Short Arm Color-Coded Suspension, 37″ Mud Terrain Tires w/ a 17″ Wheel, and Front Bumper, 9,500LB Winch, & 12″ Light–Bar. We also include the Rear Bumper, Swing Away w/ Roto-Pax, Surco Cargo Roof Rack System Complete w/ Hi-Lift Jack, Shovel & Axe. Upgradeable Options include a Slant Back Hardtop, DVD/Nav Stereo w/ Subwoofer, and Hammered Finish Bumpers.

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