ATTENTION: It is important to maintain your vehicle to help avoid problems such as death wobble, vibrations, bump steer, etc. With every oil change, maintenance, or at every 3,000 miles, tighten your Pitman arm, Suspension (all the colored parts) and rotate your tires.


IMG_1270MOAB Industries® offers “soft ride” coil technology standard on every build. When your customer drives or even rides in our conversions, they can tell the difference. The difference is distinct and not minor. The factory ride, as well as other aftermarket suspensions, have a larger, less coil count spring in the rear. The rear is what dictates the ride for the most part. The front springs will load very easy on any vehicle because of the motor weight

Closely connected with the coil springs, are the shock absorbers. It is common knowledge shocks work better inverted (up side down). However, they tend to wear at an accelerated rate and bend the piston. We spend additional money here. Our shock absorbers are engineered inverted with large diameter piston…. which we warranty for life. What company would do that?

IMG_5197A large common problem with aftermarket vehicles is front-end wobble ( death wobble ). This is caused by increased tire size combined with pinion angle change ( caster ) . To remedy this we change the caster and do a toe-in alignment. For added security, as of October 2008, all MOAB’s® are equipped with dual-direction front-end stabilizers, standard.

There are some secrets we will not be disclosing, but our trademark difference is noticeable from a mile away. Every MOAB™ conversion is equipped with color-coded flares (like the Sahara’s) and color-coordinated suspensions. Aside from the obvious aesthetic enhancement, it makes it very easy to maintain your investment. Simply ask you service writer to have all the colored parts of the suspension tightened when in for a routine service; it’s that easy. We do recommend every owner of a Moab™ conversion return to an authorized Jeep facility; though there is no affiliation,for service/maintenance.

IMG_3623As every standard build is so inclusive, MOAB™ conversions do not need many options. We do offer any and all bolt-on or custom fabricated items as requested. We can up-grade tires, flares, audio/video/nav, lighting, gearing, custom paint, motor mods, axles, exhaust, interior, racks, bumpers…etc. The options are virtually endless for your new or used MOAB™.

Our reputation is built solely on word of mouth and our standard is quality. Our conversions are truly functional art. If you see a MOAB™ you will want a MOAB™. And once you drive our product, you will be extremely pleased with your investment, knowing your children are safe and your money well spent. Please spend a moment of your time and read some testimonies as to our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

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