Christopher Lucie

“My name is Christopher Lucie I’m 24, i live in southern California, and this is my testimony. All day i work at auction sites washing and driving cars. I drive exotics, muscles, and all other sorts of cars. So one day as i make my way down a line of 200 cars i spot this beautiful jeep wrangler unlimited, but this was no ordinary jeep like i see everyday.

This jeep was absolutely beautiful! Automatically without thinking about how this could affect my job, i went to check it out. It was white and lifted and jaw dropping. From the light bars to the lift kit and those KC’s. I was in awe. As i was washing it i couldn’t help but dream to drive it.

The next day is auction day and i was assigned my specific lane. After running through 189 cars i saw the jeep again. As i got out of a Mercedes i couldn’t help to think that the benz was a piece of sh*t compared to that beautiful beast. As i ran to it i pushed my friend away so i could drive it.

I was so stoked! As soon as i got in i turned on the light bars and the KC’s and i drove it to the block. When i drove it i felt like such a badass and i got a crowd of dealers surrounding me like paparazzi taking pictures and commenting on how good it looked.

With all the lights on i drove into the block and the auctioneer screamed at me to turn the lights off because it was blinding him. I laughed and obliged. My overall experience was undeniably great. Im grateful for my experience and once i can accumulate enough money i will buy one. Thank you very much. Your company inspires me to do great things.

Thank you for this experience.”

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