-Clint W., Amargosa Valley, NV.

“On January 1, 2012, I went out four wheeling with my family and my jeep club, the Pahrump Valley 4 wheelers, and the upper track bar bracket broke which left me with no steering to the left. The following day we called a tow truck to have it towed to the dealership where I purchased the jeep.

They would not repair it because the warranty did not cover the frame. They recommended I take it to collision repair specialist. I took it to Auto Body Connections in Pahrump NV. The manager, Gary, took photos of the damage and sent them to Moab Industries to get their recommendation on how best repair the damage.

John at Moab Industries said they had indeed done the work on the Jeep and they offered to pick the jeep up and transport it to their shop in Prescott, AZ. They picked it up on 1/8/2012 and repaired the track bar bracket, re-torqued and checked the suspension from front to rear, and the Jeep was returned on 1/13/12; all for a minimal expense. When I drove it for the first time after the repairs, it drove like a brand new vehicle.

I would highly recommend a vehicle equipped with a Moab™ Suspension system to anyone who enjoys off-roading. Because they stood behind their product, and I feel their product is second to none and would not hesitate to purchase another one if the need arose.”

-Clint W., Amargosa Valley, NV.

Contact information

Moab Industries

2111 Gulfstream, Prescott Az 86301

Phone: 928.713.6244