– Kim N., Roswell, NM

My name is Kim.  I am (45) years old.

Location: Roswell NM.

I am employed by the city of Roswell as a Detective in the criminal investigation division.

I have been a Police Officer for Thirteen years.

My Jeep: 2009 Red, Wrangler, four door, soft top.

“On 11-08-2011, I purchased a 2009 Jeep Wrangler (MOAB) from a local dealership.  I saw it Saturday morning and drove it off the lot that evening.  I must admit it was love at first sight.  A short time after making the purchase, I started noticing a wobble in the front end.  This only occurred between 30 and 35 miles per hour, when you hit a bump just right.  Once it started you had to hit the brake to slow it down to make it stop.

 I believe the second appointment was in January.  At that time I asked the dealership to recalibrate the speedometer.  I was told that they could get it close but not exact.  I also had them make a second key.  I got my Jeep out of the shop the second time and all was well.  A short time later the wobble came back.  

This time I went in and talked to somebody in charge.  Not that I was disgusted or anything!  I told this man that the truck I traded in that was paid for was owned by me for ten years and was in the shop one time.  I told him that I loved the Jeep and wanted it fixed.  I believed this might have been a safety issue.  If this wobble appeared while at highway speeds it may flip. 

 He assured me that he would get it taken care of and if not he would get me a different Jeep or have the folks at Moab completely redo it.  I left it at the dealership the third time.  I got the Jeep out and all seemed well again.  I had 261 miles on it since it had been to the shop and you guessed it, the wobble returned.  Ok Now I am flat out mad!  I went back to the dealership mad at the world. 

 I was looking at a brand new wrangler on the lot.  I knew this would get attention.  Sure enough hear comes a salesman.  He asked how I was doing and if he could help.  I told him about my Jeep’s problem wobble and that I was ready to have them trade me for a brand new one.  

I told him that I wanted to talk to the in charge man again.  Probably a good thing the in charge man was not there.  This salesman told another salesman what I had told him.  This salesman mentioned that I should call John at MOAB.  He provided me with John’s phone number and said John was a very efficient person.   I then talked to the service manager who I had noticed by his facial expression was tired of seeing me.

I told him the Wobble was back.  He told me to bring the Jeep and drop it off the following morning.  I agreed, what else could I do?I returned back to work where I called John.   I told John who I was and about the problem I was having.  I can’t say how impressed I was. 

 I told John that I love the Jeep.  I told him it is mostly used to take my five-year-old son hunting and that it is not driven very much.  I told him that I was concerned that it may be unsafe at highway speeds.  I told him that I was starting to believe that I was going to have to take my Jeep back to the dealership on a regular basis.  John assured me, by telling me you do not have to worry we back are product 100 percent and we will take care of it.  Ok now I am starting to feel better.  

John asked me to get some paper and something to write with.  He walked me through several things I could check to resolve this problem, myself without the dealership, who by this time I had really had it with.  He told me that he would send me two new steering stabilizers, which he thought might correct the wobble.  I told him that I had made an appointment to take my Jeep back to the service department.  Then John told me to go back and change the appointment to Monday morning, so he could mail the stabilizers directly to the dealership. 

 He also asked me to have the service department call them when my Jeep was there so he could walk them through what they needed to check.  I did set the appointment for Monday morning.  I returned back to my office and I had a message asking that I call MOAB John back.  I called and he told me that it makes his butt twitch, whenever he thinks about somebody working on his creation, who does not know what they are doing, which makes his business look bad.  He then said I want to ask you something that I think you will agree with. 

 He said we are going to be making a delivery in your area.  I would like to pick up your Jeep and trailer it back to my facility so I can fix the problem.  He said he wanted to assure me about the integrity of his business.  I agreed and could not be any happier. While talking to John I asked if anything else had been done to my Jeep, gears or anything.  He told me that all they do is the suspension. 

 I told him that the reason I was asking was because when in four low climbing a steep hill the Jeep is a slug and does not have power.  John told me he could put some (513) gears in my Jeep and I would think I was driving a V-8. I must be honest I was very impressed and happy after just talking to John on the phone.  Well we made arrangements for my Jeep to be picked up.

On 03-03-2011, I met David who is John’s son.  I was impressed with David as well.  We loaded my Jeep on the trailer and he drove off.  (Ok, kind of felt like crying, but got over that).  On 03-04-2011 John called me.  Wow seems like my Jeep just left.  John told me that he had driven my Jeep and noticed what I was talking about.  He said he believed the problem was with the tires.

He took my Jeep to Big-O and asked that the tires be rebalance, by a professional.  After they rebalanced the tires, John drove it again.  He said the problem was ten times worse than before.

He told me that he asked Big-O to replace the tires with a Dunlop Fierce Attitude tire, which is about the same tread pattern as what I had.  He told me that this tire was about $60.00 more per tire, than the tires I had.  He also told me that the nut holding the pitman arm on was only hand tight.  

(Did I mention that the Jeep was in the service department, at the dealership three times to make sure everything was tight and fixed)?   Anyway back to the story. John called me a few days later and told me that the wobble has been corrected and taken care of.  He also told me that they had replaced the stock gears with the new (513) and his guy’s were really excited in the difference.  He said it was like the difference between night and day.

I talked to John about getting my Jeep back.  He said he would meet me half way or he could trailer it all the way back to me.  I mentioned that I thought my five year old son might enjoy coming to his facility and possibly getting a tour.  Who knows what kind of impression this might have on a five year old boy.

My wife and I agreed to travel to his location, to meet John and pick up my Jeep.  I am bragging here, telling you about MOAB. Ind. (Customer Service). John and David represent what customer service should be like!  I do remember some service like this when I was a young man / kid.  Back when the customer was always right.  Unfortunately this kind of customer service / integrity only exists in very few businesses.

After talking to John I just had to call my wife and tell her about it.  I also had to tell all my friends.  Like I said this is unheard of in this day and age.  We had planned on going to pick up my Jeep on 03-18-2011.  On 03-17-2011, while making arrangements I was informed by John of the tragic loss of his father.  My wife and I canceled our plans.  This was not an issue for me because I believe family comes in a close first right after God.   John told me that he would call me the following week.

I did not hear from him until Thursday 03-24-2011.  But I was not about to call or interfere in any way shape or form because I have suffered such loss myself.  When I talked to John he seemed to be in good spirits.  He told me that my Jeep was 100 percent and we could plan on coming to get it or he would work something out to get it back to me.  He notified me that he had not only replaced the tires, but also the wheels, Spider gears, Long Arms, which were industrial strength,  and the (513) gears that I had requested.

My wife and I still wanted to travel.  He notified me that they have a cooperative deal with a local resort and that he would make reservations for us.  We worked out all the details and are planning on leaving Saturday morning 03-26-2011.

At the time I wrote this letter I have not retrieved my Jeep but I just wanted to tell the World about the integrity, the stand behind their product 100 percent attitude, courtesy and trust worthiness, of this business.  Another thing that I do want to mention was that I did not feel like I was being a crybaby.  This whole thing started out by me asking what I could do to remedy the wobble.

I also would like to mention that there are still people in this cruel world that do the right thing when nobody is looking, hence the definition of (INTEGERITY).   One of the neatest things about all of this is that I believe I have made two new friends David and John.  Did I mention that I don’t make very many friends?  In the movie Tombstone, one of the actors told Doc Holliday he almost died helping Wyatt, during a shoot out seen on the river.  Doc told the other actor that Wyatt was his friend.  The actor told Doc Holliday I have a lot of friends.  Doc Holliday is quoted saying, (I Don’t)!

If you are worried about purchasing one of the MOAB Ind. Jeeps, due to the lift or for any other reason having to do with their build rest assured you have nothing to worry about.  I will continue this letter and let everybody know about my Jeep when I get it back”

– Kim N., Roswell, NM

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